NetThreat Solutions

NetThreat Solutions

Designed to deliver a cost-effective way of maintaining your security.

NetThreat Solutions provides highly experienced and qualified engineers to ensure your protection is maintained. With experience going all the way back to the first generation of SonicWall and fully certified SonicWall Technical Masters in our team, you can rely on us to ensure your appliance operates to its full potential.

Our engineers are also available to assist in any area of consultancy, support, management and maintenance of your device so if none of our services here ‘fit the bill’ don’t hesitate to get in touch.

From £100.00 + vat

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    • HealthCheck

      The NetThreat HealthCheck Solution is ideal for:

      - Checking self-deployed units correctly configure
      - Old/unknown configurations/appliances
      - Annual security checks


    • SMA Authentication Solution

      The NetThreat SMA Authentication Solution is ideal for:

      - Customers with a SonicWall SMA device
      - Correct deployment of and integration of your SMA device with your 2FA solution


    • Secure Upgrade

      The NetThreat Secure Upgrade Deployment Solution is ideal for:

      - Existing unit settings check/export
      - Import into new appliance
      - Healthcheck/report (if required)


    • DPI-SSL Deployment

      The NetThreat DPI-SSL Deployment Solution is ideal for:

      - All customers who have not deployed DPI-SSL
      - All new customers using DPI services


    • Total Deployment

      The NetThreat Total Deployment Solution is ideal for:

      - Customers without in-house support expertise
      - Customers moving to SonicWall looking to ensure correct deployment


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