Deploy Zero-Trust Network Access



Empower, Enable and Protect Your Workforce Outside the Perimeter - Deploy Zero-Trust Network Access

Built to respond to the anywhere, anytime business world, on-site or in the cloud. Cloud Edge Secure Access (CESA) prevents unauthorised users from accessing and moving through your network, giving trusted users access to only what they need.

Do you have remote users accessing cloud applications?  CESA will enable a secure connection

Delivered from the cloud, CESA provides a Zero-Trust Network Access Service as a next generation VPN. Controlled via a single console, the service offers seamless integration to major cloud services, allowing your users to securely access on-premise and remote resources.  

An ideal solution to protect your widening attack surfaces, prevent breaches and stop lateral movement of internal and external threats.

Features & Benefits

With remote working, BYOD, employee mobility and the use of cloud applications increasing, perimeter-based security isn't enough to fully secure your network.

Made for the cloud era, CESA features easy to use, superior Zero-Trust security that limits exposure to sensitive areas of your network, safeguarding your business assets.  

  • Protect High Value Assets
  • Easily connect to popular cloud environments
  • Fast, easy on-boarding of new sites and users
  • Network Traffic Control for 'firewall level protection'
  • Device Posture Check - access for compliant devices

Take your business mobile and migrate to the cloud with confidence.

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