NEW: SMB SonicWall Firewall Bundle

18/10/23 10:20:00

Trade in a competitor's gateway device for never-before-seen savings on the SonicWall TZ270, with three years of Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS).

For the first time, we are able to offer a promotional upgrade to the entry device in the TZ series including the Essential Security Suite, enabling you to extend full security to your smallest sites. 
EPSS services include:

  • Capture ATP with patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection
  • Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware and Application Firewall Services
  • Content Filtering
  • Comprehensive Anti-Spam
  • 24x7 Support with Fireware
  • Intrusion Prevention

The TZ270 makes switching to SonicWall or adding an additional unit to your network easy and cost-efficient.  

You'll also have the option to purchase a high-availability unit without the need to buy a separate licence. 


Secure your network with the NEW SMB SONICWALL FIREWALL BUNDLE - Call us on 0121 270 1800 for more information