SonicWall SuperMassive Series

SonicWall SuperMassive Series

The SuperMassive range is all about delivering deep packet security at blistering speeds, reducing latency whilst consolodating services.

NSS Lab tests show the SuperMassive E10000 appliances to be one of the only devices capable of delivering comprehensive security on a single platform with the performance required for enterprise networks.

- Unrivaled performance: 40Gbps Firewall, 30Gbps IPS, 11Gbps VPN
- Multi-core power: up to 12M concurrent connections, 640,000 per second

From £13,888.80 + vat
    • SuperMassive 9200

      Deliver deep security to your enterprise network.
      - 15Gbps Firewall- 3.5Gbps Malware Protection
      - 5Gbps Application Inspection- 1.25M concurrent connections


    • SuperMassive 9400

      Secure your enterprise without sacrificing performance
      - 20Gbps Firewall- 4.5Gbps Malware Protection
      - 10Gbps Application Inspection- 1.25M concurrent connections


    • SuperMassive 9600

      Consolidate solutions whilst increasing security
      - 20Gbps Firewall- 5Gbps Malware Protection
      - 11.5Gbps Application Inspection- 1.5M concurrent connections


    • SuperMassive 9800

      Ultimate 9000 series performance and deep security
      - 40Gbps Firewall- 10Gbps Malware Protection
      - 24Gbps Application Inspection- 3M concurrent connections


    • SuperMassive E10400

      Ultimate performance, powerful hardware, award winning
      - 20Gbps Firewall- 6Gbps Malware Protection
      - 15Gbps Application Inspection- 6M concurrent connections


    • SuperMassive E10800

      Highest speed, most diverse hardware, market leading
      - 40Gbps Firewall- 12Gbps Malware Protection
      - 28Gbps Application Inspection- 12M concurrent connections


    • Platform Features

      • Wireless Network Security

        Wireless Network Security

        WiFi provision is now a requirement for most networks, SonicWall UTM devices deliver comprehensive wireless security with on-box Wi-Fi in the TZ series and a distributed wireless solution allowing central control of multiple access points (SonicPoints).

    • VPN Services

      • Mobile Connect

        Mobile Connect

        Deliver safe and easy access to resources on your network for external users via a range of devices including iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Kindle and more. The Mobile Connect client works in conjunction with the SonicWall SMA and UTM devices and allows users to connect using a secure SSL VPN connection protecting access and traffic.
        Mobile Connect is available from App stores and is native to windows, the service is licensed on a concurrent connections basis on your appliance.

      • Global VPN Client

        Global VPN Client

        The Global VPN client delivers a traditional VPN access for remote users to your network using IPSec VPN technology and pre-installed VPN clients. This solution is ideal for company owned devices, or users with legacy VPN software needing to create a software based connection to your network.
        The Global VPN Client is licenses on a per-concurrent user basis on your appliance

      • Clean VPN

        Clean VPN

        How do you know the devices connecting into your network are clean, or on clean networks? With SonicWall VPN deployed with a UTM device all VPN traffic is scanned for viruses, malware and exploits before being allowed into your network.
        All VPN services deployed alongside a SonicWall UTM devices with GAV / IPS licensed benefit from this solution.

      • Site-to-Site VPN

        Site-to-Site VPN

        All SonicWall UTM devices support site-to-site IPSec VPN connections allowing you to connect your network to another with a permanent VPN connection. Deliver VPN connectivity to the cloud, branch offices or customer sites.
        Each TZ, NSA or SuperMassive device comes with a fixed number of licenses to create IPSec connections to other sites.

    • Security Suite Services

      • Application Control

        Application Control

        Simplify network management with an insight into the applications being used on your network and simple enforcement of policies. Application Control delivers the tools needed to manage proveleged and bandwidth for applications, users, groups and devices.
        Application Control is included in the GAV / IPS license and all Security Suites.

      • Content Filtering and Client

        Content Filtering and Client

        Whether running a business, public or home network administrators need to control the web content being delivered to devices. Content Filtering Service categorises and delivers control over the use of websites, Client allows control of resources and use to follow the user outside of the office.
        Content Filtering is available as a stand alone license or in all Security Suites, Content Filter Client is licensed on a per device basis.

      • Gateway Anti-Virus

        Gateway Anti-Virus

        Your SonicWall UTM device is ideally placed to deliver anti-virus services at the gateway, scanning all traffic before it reaches the desktop. Patented Reassembly-Free packet inspection allows SonicWall to deliver this with minimal impact on performance while scanning every file independent of size.
        Gateway Anti-Virus is included in the GAV / IPS / Application Control licence or as part of any Security Suite

      • Intrusion Prevention

        Intrusion Prevention

        Cybercriminals are constantly looking for way to exploit vulnerabilities in software making patching essential to maintain security. Intrusion Prevention stops zero-day exploits by blocking these intrusions until patching is completed.
        Intrusion Prevention is included in the GAV / IPS / Application Control licence or as part of any Security Suite

      • Malware Protection

        Malware Protection

        Malware is delivered to our users daily via email, exploited websites and messaging software leaving data vulnerable to theft or extortion. Gateway Anti-Malware delivers zero-day protection while desktop anti-virus software catches up.
        Anti-Malware is included in the GAV / IPS / Application Control licence or as part of any Security Suite

    • Additional Security Services

      • Capture Threat Protection

        Capture Threat Protection

        For effective protection from advanced malware companies need more than signature based scanning. Capture Advanced Threat Protection detects and blocks advanced threats sending suspicious files to the cloud for analysis before completing delivery.
        Capture is an additional license available for current generation appliances in single and multi-year options.

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    Comparative features and statistics of the SonicWall SuperMassive Series. Click the  to remove a unit and select from the list on the right to add another.


    Firewall Throughput15Gbps20Gbps20Gbps40Gbps20Gbps40Gbps
    UTM Throughput3.5Gbps4.5Gbps5Gbps10Gbps6Gbps12Gbps
    IPS Throughput5Gbps10Gbps11.5Gbps24Gbps15Gbps28Gbps
    AV Throughput3.5Gbps4.5Gbps5Gbps10Gbps6Gbps12Gbps
    IMIX Throughput4.4Gbps5.5Gbps5.5Gbps9Gbps4.3Gbps9Gbps
    VPN Throughput5Gbps10Gbps11.5Gbps18Gbps7.5Gbps11Gbps
    Concurrent SPI Connections1,250,0001,250,0001,500,0003,000,000 - -
    Concurrent DPI Connections - - - - - -
    New Connections per Second100,000130,000130,000280,000200,000400,000
    SSL Inspection / Decryption1Gbps2Gbps2Gbps5Gbps3Gbps5Gbps


    DPI-SSL Enabled - - - - - -
    OS Version - - - - - -


    1GbE Ports888800
    1Gbe SFP Ports888121616
    2.5GbE Ports - - - - - -
    2.5GbE SFP Ports - - - - - -
    10GbE Ports444466
    PoE Ports000000
    Active/Passive High AvailabilityYESYESYESYESYESYES
    Active/Active High AvailabilityYESYESYESYESYESYES
    Desktop UnitNONONONONONO


    Authenticated Users - - - - - -
    Onboard WirelessNONONONONONO
    Dual Band Wireless - - - - - -
    Simultaneous Dual Band - - - - - -
    802.11a/b/g/n - - - - - -
    802.11ac - - - - - -
    Access Points Supported128128128 - - -


    Site-to-Site VPN Connections100001000010000250001000010000
    Mobile IPSec VPN Included200020002000200020002000
    Mobile IPSec VPN Maximum4000600010000100001000010000
    Mobile L2TP VPN Included000000
    Mobile L2TP VPN Maximum000000
    Mobile SSL VPN Included000000
    Mobile SSL VPN Maximum000000