SonicWall SMA Appliances

SonicWall SMA Appliances

The SMA 100 series from SonicWall provides mobile workers and devices, both known and unknown, with policy-controlled access to your critical resources without compromising security.

The SMA 100 platform delivers flexible access through client and portal from almost any type of mobile device or operating system. Security is enhanced when deployed alongside a SonicWall UTM device with CleanVPN scanning all traffic for threats.

Up to 250 connections | Secure remote support | Web or Client access

From £358.07 + vat
    • SonicWall SMA 200

      Delivers secure mobile access for small businesses

      - Suitable up to 50 users
      - Interrogate remote devices
      - Comes with 5 user licenses


    • SonicWall SMA 400

      Comprehensive remote access for demanding SME's

      - Suitable up to 250 users
      - Supports virtual meeting
      - Comes with 25 user licenses


    • SonicWall SMA 500v

      Deploy secure remote access into a virtual environment

      - Suitable up to 250 users
      - Flexible deployment on VMWare
      - Comes with 5 user licenses


    • Platform Features

      • SMA Clientless Connectivity

        SMA Clientless Connectivity

        With SonicWALL SMA there is no need for administrators to install a VPN Client manually to a computer, this expands the potential use of secure connectivity and greatly reduced administrative overheads. The SMA clients can be pushed to the client and downloaded from App stores, remote access can also be achieved without the need for any client, through the browser.

      • SMA Customised Web Portal

        SMA Customised Web Portal

        Deliver simple, browser based remote connectivity to clients and staff requiring easy access to network resources. End users can can secure access to e-mail, files and applications on the LAN through a customisable web portal.

      • SMA Easy Web Management

        SMA Easy Web Management

        Administration of network services can be overwhelming. SonicWALL's SMA solution is deployed via a simple, intuitive web portal which makes configuration monitoring and updating the appliance straightforward.

      • SMA Granular Access

        SMA Granular Access

        Businesses have demands on their resources from a variety of sources, each of which may require customised access to restricted areas and services on our networks. The SMA solution simplifies this to minimise the risk of remote access.

      • SMA Load Balancing and HA

        SMA Load Balancing and HA

        Share the load of providing service between multiple resources on your network and allow for failover to a secondary appliance should your SMA unit fail.

      • SMA NetExtender Technology

        SMA NetExtender Technology

        Replacing traditional 'fat' VPN clients that require preinstallation and configuration with 'thin' clients pushed to users via the web reduces administration and management. NetExtender simplifies access for desktop and laptop devices delivering full network access without the need for preinstallation.

      • SMA One-Time Passwords

        SMA One-Time Passwords

        How confident can you be that your users have unique passwords for every one of their systems? Deploying One Time Passwords or Two Factor Authentication with your SMA removes the risk of social engineering and password loss from your business.

      • SMA Seamless Integration

        SMA Seamless Integration

        SMA appliances drop into your existing infrastructure delivering controlled access to resources they can see. Easily deployed behind SonicWALL or other firewall appliances the SMA fits into almost any network.

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    User Licenses Included5525
    User Licenses Maximum25050250
    Maximum Virtual Assist251025


    InterfacesN/A2 GbE, 2 USB, 1 Console4 GbE, 2 USB, 1 Console
    Rackmount UnitN/AYESYES
    CPUN/A1.74Ghz Intel Atom Dual Core2.40Ghz Intel Atom Quad Core
    Flash MemoryN/A2Gb2Gb

    Virtual Appliance

    HypervisorHypervisor: VMWare ESXi and ESXN/AN/A
    Minimum CPU - N/AN/A
    Allocated Memory2GbN/AN/A
    Required Disk Space2GbN/AN/A