Securing your home workforce


Recent weeks have seen a shift towards remote and home working, accelerating a trend in many industries that have come to see flexible working as a benefit for both employees and their organisations.


SonicWall and NetThreat are able to deliver secure remote working solutions allowing your service to be delivered ‘as usual’ for customers while your location is flexible and distributed at this time and may be in the future.

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Today, whether we reluctantly find ourselves with remote work forced upon us, or see this as a move towards how our businesses might operate in the future, we have the task of protecting our data in the face of greatly increased exposure to attack.

Security concerns for a distributed workforce go beyond simply securing the connection to your resources, you must also pay attention to new or increased vulnerabilities some of which may be imperative particularly during this time of disruption.


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Security Training – Now High Priority

Attempts to target employees have gone through the roof (from an already mindboggling level) since the onset of Covid. Cyber criminals know that employees are more susceptible to phishing attempts whilst at home in a different headspace and without the ability to overhear colleagues mentioning emails they may have received.

They are also presented with many opportunities to catch your staff with emails offering to confirm remote access information, deliver further information on Covid or update their location information.

“We have already seen fraudsters using the COVID-19 pandemic to scam people looking to buy medical supplies online, sending emails offering fake medical support and targeting people who may be vulnerable or increasingly isolated at home."
Director General, National Economic Crime Centre

Read More on the Police Action Fraud site

NetThreat deliver a selection of security awareness training platforms designed to test, learn about your staff’s individual needs and then deliver simple and effective training monitoring improvement.

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SonicWall Cloud App Security

Many of us have or are considering turning to the Cloud to deliver services and data to our users. A significant increase in the use of online apps goes hand in hand with an increase in remote work, many companies now have resources in the cloud being accessed from unknown devices and networks.

This data must be protected, SonicWall Cloud App Security allows you to extend your security to these facilities enabling security for your OneDrive, Office 365, DropBox and much more…

SonicWall CAS Datasheet

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SonicWall Capture Client

How do you manage desktop security when your devices are all over the world? SonicWall Capture Client delivers on-machine security with cloud based management and reporting allowing you to protect your mobile assets or your internal data from connected devices.

Whether home workers are on known or unknown machines when their devices are connected to your network your data may be exposed to infection on their machine or others through their network. SonicWall firewalls deliver ‘clean’ VPN, allowing all traffic coming into your network to be scanned by gateway security services but not advanced malware protection such as Capture Advanced Threat Protection. Maintain your security by deploying Capture Client, ensuring protection from infection through VPN connections.

SonicWall Capture Client Datasheet

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