NEW SonicWall Solutions from NetThreat

Here at NetThreat we are pleased to announce our very own SonicWall Solutions.

With highly experienced engineers we are able to offer you a service that will ensure you stay ahead of threats and keep your protection maintained.

Our Solution Packs include: 

  • HealthCheck - We check the configuration of your firewall and provide advice on suitable changes 
  • DPI-SSL Deployment - 85% of SonicWall applicances do not run this, we can guide you through the process of deployment
  • Secure Upgrade Deployment Service - Ensuring correct set up and configuration of your new upgraded SonicWall appliance
  • Total Deployment Solution - Deployment planning, roll-out and post deployment housekeeping that leaves you in control of a correctly deployed device.

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SonicWall Solutions

SonicWALL deliver a range of solutions to protect your network including comprehensive network security, secure mobility and email security. With the portfolio of services on offer you can relax and focus on your business while your network is secured.  The SonicWALL portfolio delivers protection and performance whilst delivering value for money.

Unified Threat Management

TZ Stack  

Designed for small to meduim sized businesses, SonicWALL's Unified Threat Management (UTM) combines comprehensive protection with simple management and blistering speed. The solutions deliver gateway anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content filtering, application control and flexbile VPN in a single low cost package.

Comprehensive Security

Best-in-class security combining gateway anti-virus, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, content / URL filtering, application control, enforced client anti-virus, anti-spam services and more.
Delivered by: The TZ Series

High-performance Protection

Examine traffic across all ports simultaneously without causing latancy using reassembly-free deep packet inspection. The solution scans files of any size without caching and can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections.
Delivered by: The TZ Series | The NSA Series

UTM Remote access

SonicWALL's mature VPN services run naitive to many operating systems and deliver reliable and secure remote access for users on the move or customers requiring access. SonicWALL VPN running on a UTM appliance delivers CleanVPN by decrypting all traffic at the gateway so that it can be scanned before moving on to its destination.
Delivered by: The TZ Series | The NSA Series



Next-Generation Firewall

SuperMassive Stack  

SonicWALL security services combine to deliver a complete firewall solution for small to enterprise sized customers. Next Generation firewall combines comprehensive gateway security subscriptions protecting against viruses, spam, spyware, intrusion and other threats with application intelligence and control plus real-time visualisation.

The SonicWALL solution uniquely scans every file, of every size, on every port with deep packet inspection technology, their reassembly-free inspection enables maximum performance whilst scanning files of any size.

Solutions that are part of this family include:
SuperMassive E10000 Series | SuperMassive 9000 Series | The NSA Series | The TZ Series



Wireless Security


All business now require wireless. Whether for mobile internal devices, visitors, or appliances, SonicWALL deliver a variety of high performance and high security wireless soutions. SMEs can run a UTM device with integrated wireless to provide low cost, highly secure access, protecting authentication to your wireless network, the traffic as it passes over the connection, and the data arriving or leaving your network. SonicPoints extend the wireless service beyond your UTM device to allow placement of centrally managed access points across your estate.  This enables deployment of wireless at large facilities and sites without sacrificing simple central management and / or security.

Delivered by: The Wireless TZ Series | SonicPoint Access Points



WAN Acceleration

WXA Stack  

Unique to SonicWALL, the WXA solution deploys simply alongside your UTM device accelerating traffic across VPN connections. Many more users now connect from home or on the road, we also transfer more data to other sites or the cloud than ever before, this increase in traffic can cause bottlenecks even in the most bandwidth-rich environments. A WXA appliance or software removes unnecessary data from connections, deduplicating information that can be sent repeatedly.  It then compresses the remaining content before sending it across your VPN connection.

WXA now also works between the WXA client and your WXA appliance improving the experience of software based VPN users.

Delivered by: WXA Solution | UTM Appliances



Secure Remote Access

SMA Stack  

With the increase of mobile working comes an increase in demand for extent, depth and flexibility of remote access to your network. Network administrators face a difficult balancing act between enabling this kind of working and maintaining their border security. The SonicWALL UTM and dedicated Secure Mobile Access devices deliver the flexibility required for users along with the security expected by administrators. Either deployed as part of your UTM device or as a more functional dedicated SMA solution, connectivity is available from almost any platform with all content scanned for threats before it enters the network.

Delivered by: UTM Appliances | SMA Solution