SonicWall SonicOS 7 and SonicOSX 7 Launch


"2020 has bought many unexpected things, but one thing we have been expecting is the release of SonicOS 7 and a new generation of kit. For 9-10 years SonicWall have been talking about a transition to running on a Linux based OS and the additional performance, flexibility and functionality that would enable. Now we are here and the performance figures of the new kit look market leading, the new OS is both pretty and functional, the reporting is beginning to be what it should and the glimpse of the new functionality enabled, such as the new policy engine in OSx is very exciting. There is also the promise of much more to come including further hardware releases as well as development of new functionality and rapid expansion of cloud management all of which we look forward to seeing."

Jon Rayment - Director at NetThreat Ltd


SonicOS 7 Features

Check out our video below for an overview of SonicWall's latest operting system. 


Find out more: SonicOS 7 Datasheet


SonicOS 7 Appliances


TZ Series

The all new Gen 7 TZ Series features the first desktop next-gen firewalls with multi-gigabit interfaces. This series is best suited to small to mid-sized networks and can support VPN for upto 250 users.

Click here to watch our TZ Series Overview video.

Find out more: TZ Series More Info and Pricing  |  TZ Series Datasheet


NSa Series

The all new Gen 7 NSa Series offers industry leading performance at the lowest total cost of ownership in it's class. This series is best suited to mid to large-sized networks and can support VPN for as many users as you might need.

Click here to watch our NSa Series Overview video.

Find out more: NSa Series More Info and Pricing  |  NSa Series Datasheet


SonicWall Protection Service Suite

Protection Service Suite 

Customers purchasing a generation 7 appliance can include SonicWall's brand new security suite. The Protection Service Suite comes in Essential (EPSS) and Advanced (APSS) versions with the advanced version including Network Security Manager (NSM) Essential with 7-day reporting. 

Find out more: PSS More Info and Pricing



SonicOSX 7

Taking the next-generation firewall features and functionality to the next level, SonicOSX 7 builds on the features of SonicOS 7 with Unified Policy which gives integrated management of various security policies for the SonicWall NSsp and NSv series of appliances. SonicOSX 7 gives powerful threat protection and simplifies complex policy, audit and management controls across distributed networks. 

Find out more: SonicOSX 7 Datasheet



SonicWall Network Security Manager


NSM is for generation 6, 6.5 and 7 devices. CSC migration options availibale for existing generation 6 / 6.5 customers. A replacement for SonicWall Capture Security Centre (CSC) with more capability. SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM) allows you to deploy and manage all of your firewalls, switches and access points in one easy to use cloud interface. Gives speed, scalability and reliability for comprehensive firewall management in distributed businesses. 

Find out more: NSM More Info and Pricing  |  NSM Datasheet



Compatibility Matrix

See the table below for SonicOS releases supported for each SonicWall Firewall model. If your security appliance is running an older firmware version, get in touch with us for recommended upgrades and latest releases for your firewall.


SonicWall SonicOS Firewall Model Table