Wireless Security

Make your wireless LAN as secure as your wired network, secure connections to the wireless network plus inspect and clean all wireless traffic.

The SonicWall wireless family consists of TZ firewall devices with onboard wireless, SonicPoint access points designed to provide full site coverage and SonicWave access points which take advantage of the capabilities in 802.11ac Wave 2 giving a superior user experience.

SonicPoint and SonicWave access points take high speed wireless with dual radios operating on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz to optimise range and reliability.

When deployed alongside (or onboard) a UTM device the solution delivers inspection of all traffic passing across the network allowing administrators to protect core wired networks from more inherently risky wireless devices.

Complete secure wireless solution to be run alongside a SonicWall next-gen firewall.

- Latest wireless - 802.11ac Wave 2
- Dedicated third scanning radio
- Intuitive cloud management

Fast wireless access points providing high performance, range and reliability.

Ceiling, wall and outdoor mounting options.

From POA + vat

Use the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 technology alongside a SonicWall next-generation firewall.

- Latest wireless - 802.11ac Wave 2
- Dedicated third scanning radio
- Multi-gigabit wireless throughput
- Access point dynamic VLANs

High-speed wireless access points delivering high performance, range and reliability. Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.

From POA + vat

SonicWave 600 Series Access Points use the most advanced technology available.

- Increased throughput
- Advanced 802.11ax technology
- 4 radios, 1 dedicated scanning
- Longer battery life

Best-in-class wireless security.

From £442.93 + vat

The Wireless TZ series delivers cost effective robust security and wireless, in one package.

- 802.11 a/b/g/n and ac options
- Low cost single box solution
- Simple WLAN and LAN management
- Diverse authentication options

Not only deliver solid wireless but also protect your network with full UTM on the same box reducing cost and increasing security.

From £493.40 + vat