NetThreat are now Climate Positive

01 November 2019


NetThreat Carbon Positive Trees

Here at NetThreat we see the “carbon challenge” as a catalyst for change within the IT sector.  We believe being a carbon neutral company is not enough. 

We have always been different!  From our humble beginnings over 16 years ago we’ve built a successful business and reputation by putting our customers first and building relationships. 

Now, at the heart of our business model we also include a commitment to achieving carbon positivity.  We strive to go further, much further and lead our industry to take bigger and bolder steps to protect the future of our planet and sustainability of our business.  

We believe in turning our climate responsibilities into positive outcomes.


So, how do we do it?


We’ve started with the more obvious ways:

  • Complying with all current energy legislation
  • Minimising waste where possible
  • Promoting recycling to reduce landfill and methane generation and environmental awareness and responsibility amongst our employees, partners, distributors and manufacturers
  • Sourcing goods and services from companies who have also taken up the carbon challenge and have an active policy in place

We’ve also reviewed the ways in which we work by:

  • Evaluating and reducing travel by using video and remote conferencing where possible
  • Using homeworking for our employees where practical
  • Encouraging car sharing and shared resources
  • Reducing paper consumption and printing
  • Introducing a companywide energy saving policy

In addition, we are lobbying our suppliers, distributors and vendors across the globe to implement measurable carbon footprint policies and we seek to positively influence their priorities/progress in this area.

  • It is not possible to reduce our usage to zero so we offset our remaining footprint (plus 50% to ensure we are positive not just neutral).


Green Trees NetThreat

This November we are proud to unveil our newest, market changing carbon initiative to our customers, resellers and end-users:

Climate Positive:  Your firewall footprint offset for life!

When you purchase a new firewall from us, from any of our vendors, we guarantee to compensate for the carbon footprint of the appliance for the entirety of its useful life. 

How do we do this?  We work with some of the leading carbon offset companies to turn our climate responsibilities into positive outcomes for our planet, locally and internationally.


 A word from our CEO Jon Rayment: 

“It is now not possible to be unaware of the climate crisis and mass extinction that our planet faces, it is also clear that the responsibility for the crisis is collective and so should be its response. At NetThreat we believe there is now no excuse for not taking action to immediately stop adding to the problem and actually start making up for what we have done. I believe our duty goes beyond our own footprint and that businesses should be providing climate-positive employment alongside taking responsibility for the impact of their activities and products on the environment.

I am proud that NetThreat are leading the way in this most important of areas, in IT we have a lot to answer for. I would strongly encourage our partners and customers to look at what they can be doing, you will be surprised at what changes can be made and how you can turn a negative story into a positive one. We’d be happy to chat with anyone who wants to hear about our experiences.”