2021 Cyber Threat Report Webinar




The 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report

We Present the Highlights - Join our Live Webinar


With all the changes 2020 brought to the threat landscape, knowing your adversaries has never been more crucial.

The highly anticipated 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report has now been released. We share which cyber threats reduced, which ones increased … and which ones skyrocketed! 

Register now for our free webinar on Tuesday 30th March at 11am.


2020 - A Record Year for Cyber Crime

Obtained from over 1 million sensors around the world, the 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report delivers an in-depth look at threat intelligence. By sharing global and regional insights on a wide variety of threats, SonicWall is pulling back the curtain on cyber criminal behaviour — helping you to better prepare your business for what happens next.


Find out what you need to know to protect your business

A cyber attack is always personal! An attack can strip your organisation, your employees, your partners and customers of intellectual property, identities, privacy, reputation and monetary assets.

Join our live webinar at 11am on Tuesday 30th March:

  • Find out what's really happening in the cyber landscape
  • Understand the newest attack trends and threat tactics
  • Ensure you have the knowledge to protect your organisation

We hope you can join us.


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