A New Business Architecture


Lockdown restrictions are currently being lifted and employees are heading back to the workplace. It's now vital for organisations to secure their own 'new normal' with cost-effective and software-defined networking.  

The issue

Your network is under more pressure than ever.  As the number of connected devices expand, bandwidth demands continue to soar, making it difficult to consistently provide the secure, high-speed connection your business needs.

Our solution

SonicWall’s feature-rich switches deliver high-speed switching, so you can add more devices, keep up with SaaS proliferation and gain more control, all while protecting your network and your budget, through a simple to use, single pane of glass solution. 


Whether you are returning to your 'new normal', downsizing or making more use of your remote workers, we can offer you affordable switch options, perfect for your size and shape of business. 


"SonicWall's switches are easy to deploy, either locally or remotely and do a great job of simplifying switch management.  All configured through the firewall's interface or the cloud, they are a good way of securely and easily increasing the number of ports available"   Pete Kearney, NetThreat Technical Director


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