New Cyber Landscape on the 2020 Horizon


Plugging vulnerabilities and relying on yesterday's technology is no longer sufficient to protect businesses from new and evolving threats.  Being reactive to risk will not be enough - a multi-layered proactive approach is now essential.


What will the cyber landscape look like in 2020?

Beware of the continued rise of ransomware
Ransomware attacks will be even more sophisticated as hackers take further advantage of social engineering.  Outcomes will be more devastating for businesses, with many unable to recover fully from attacks. 

Targeted phishing attacks for senior staff
This year phishing became the number one cause of data breaches.  With attempts becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect, we will see the volume and effects increase.

The need for immediate threat detection will increase
Zero-day and unknown threats are the greatest risk to businesses. The longer the detection time frame the more impact the attack will have as it spreads through a network.  This will be a key challenge for 2020.

Collaboration will cause vulnerability issues
Collaborative platforms are great for productivity and flexible working but big brand names lure users into a false sense of security.  Additional security is essential for businesses storing data outside of their network to plug vulnerabilities.


It's now time to check the security of your Network for 2020

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