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Concerned about the following cloud security priorities?SonicWall Cloud App Security

  • Stopping targeted Office 365 and Gmail phishing attacks
  • Protecting other apps within Office 365 and G Suite
  • Maintaining consistent data security policies across all SaaS apps
  • Enabling compliance for data residing in OneDrivem Google Drive, Dropbox and Box
  • Put off by the cost and complexity of Proxy-based CASBs

This webinar is for you...

The number of attack vectors cybercriminals can use to infiltrate your network grows by the day.  The challenge is exasperated when you introduce approved third-party cloud applications, not to mention the untold number of shadow IT apps being used inside your organisation.

Next Generation Security for SAAS Applications -  In today’s cyber landscape SaaS application controls are simply not enough.  It’s vital for you to gain visibility and control of your SaaS email and apps whilst taking a holistic approach to protecting account takeovers from insider threats and compromised credentials.

As more and more businesses migrate data to the cloud, security is often an afterthought.  Your IT staff may or may not know about the risk of data breaches and as someone responsible for network security you may not be aware exactly what data is exposed in what application.  

It’s a fast-evolving vulnerability gap that requires proven cloud application security solutions.

Hosted in conjunction with Senior SonicWall Engineer Alex Michael, join us on Wednesday 27th November at 11am to find about more about securing your network and your business when working in the cloud. 

We discuss the problems associated with maintaining Cloud Application Security and look at the features of SonicWall's next generation solution.  

You’ll also get access to a free 30 day trial of the Cloud Application Security System.  It’s a quick and easy API deployment, taking 2 minutes to install and you’ll get an actionable report detailing the risks your organisation is exposed to from this vulnerability gap.

If you would like more information or a Cloud Application Security System trial before the event please call us on 0845 270 7744 or email

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