Protect Your Endpoint and Stop Malware in 3 Ways

11/09/23 10:00:00

Next-Generation Malware Protection by SentinelOne 

There are now more devices than ever running inside and outside your network perimeter, think hybrid working, increased mobility and BYOD. Every endpoint in your network is a gateway to your data with hackers targeting vulnerabilities such as outdated antivirus software, weak passwords, unpatched systems and unchecked encrypted data.

Powered by the SentinelOne's award-winning powerful anti-malware technology, Capture Client is an advanced multi-point endpoint detection and response solution. Packed with features to secure your data and devices wherever they are used or accessed, inside our outside your network. 


Capture Client ... STOP Malware in 3 Ways!

1. Prevent attacks before they execute

2. Halt attacks as they execute before they cause harm

3. Unique roll back for fast restoration

Get a Capture Client demo or trial it on your network, it's free and simple to set up... call us on 0121 270 1800 for more information

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