Ransomware-as-a-service – Attacks spike in UK during 2019


You may have think of Ransomware as an issue in the past.  If so you’d be wrong - it is now easier than ever to become a victim, despite the headlines and warnings of the past few years!

It is becoming increasingly vital for businesses of all sizes to invest in knowledge and technology to avoid becoming a victim.  Businesses that do not heed the warnings and advice risk losing their brand and customer data as well as their internal and external networks.

SonicWall now produce the industry leading Cyber Threat Report (from the SonicWall Capture Labs) on a bi-annual basis to ensure their customers have access to latest data and actionable intelligence. Mid-year results show that ransomware attacks hit 110.9 million during the first half of the year – this represents a 15% increase on the same period during 2018.

Worryingly, the most disturbing data related to UK activity.  This is of particular concern given that UK ransomware figures had seen a 59% decline during last year. This year we are faced with a massive spike of 195% to date, based on figures issued in the report.

In addition to the volume of ransomware attacks, exclusive SonicWall data also shows an increasing number of ransomware variants, particularly in ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). 

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