SonicWall Release Capture Client 3.0


SonicWall Capture Client Threat Landscape

The ever-growing threat of ransomware and other malicious malware-based attacks has proven that client protection solutions cannot be measured purely on endpoint compliance. 

During these times of remote working, increased mobility and the growing use of BYOD the risks are heightened.

Emerging malware and increasingly sophisticated evasion techniques demand a different approach to client protection and consistent security for endpoints anywhere.

Powered by Sentinel One

Powered by Sentinel One’s award-winning powerful anti-malware advanced technology,  Capture Client 3.0 goes beyond advanced behavioural based endpoint protection by providing detailed reporting on cyber attacks and inspection of encrypted traffic.


SonicWall release Capture Client 3.0

SonicWall's latest Capture Client release, 3.0 comes packed with new features designed to help you secure your data and devices wherever they are being used or accessed from by analysing and reducing the attack surface. 

Now including:

  • Web Content Filtering

  • Application Risk Management

  • Active Directory Integration


Why you need Capture Client 3.0
  • Stop the 1,300 encrypted attacks the average organisation is projected to face this year
  • Manage your company's entire deployment via a single sign on to the cloud solution
  • Erase the effects of ransomware and other malware by rolling back Windows PC or servers (available with advanced version)


Summary for IT Professionals
  •  SonicWall Capture Client is a client offering that delivers multiple client protection capabilities. With a next-generation malware protection engine powered by SentinelOne, the SonicWall Capture Client delivers advanced threat protection with these key features:
  • Continuous behavioural monitoring of the client that helps create a complete profile of file activity, application & process activity, and network activity. This protects against both file-based and fileless malware and delivers a 360⁰ attack view with actionable intelligence relevant for investigations.
  • Multiple layered signatureless techniques include techniques for protecting cloud intelligence, advanced static analysis and dynamic behavioural protection. They help protect against and remediate well known, little known, and even unknown malware, without regular scans or periodic updates. This maintains the highest level of protection at all times, without hampering user productivity.
  • Unique roll-back capabilities support policies that not only remove the threat completely but also restore a targeted client to its original state before the malware activity started. This removes the effort of manual restoration in the case of ransomware and similar attacks.
  • Cloud-based management console reduces the footprint and overhead of management. It improves the deployability and enforceability of Endpoint Protection, irrespective of where the endpoint is.

The size of your Capture Client tenancy is only limited by the number of endpoint licenses procured.


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