2018 Cyber Threat Report


SonicWall have just released their 2018 Cyber Threat Report.

The annual report compares and contrasts advances made by both cybersecurity professionals and global cybercriminals over the previous twelve months and you can view it in full on our website.

SonicWall technology protects more than 1 million networks across the globe and their research makes it clear cyber attacks are now the No.1 risk to business, brands, operations and finance.

Report highlights:

  • 9.32 billion total malware attacks in 2017, an 18.4% year-over-year increase from 2016
  • Ransomware attacks dropped from 638 million to 184 million between 2016 and 2017 but Ransomware variants increased by over 101%
  • Traffic encrypted by SSL/TLS standards increased 24%, making up 68% of total traffic
  • Without SSL decryption capabilities in place, the average organisation will see almost 900 attacks per year hidden by SSL/TLS encryption
  • SonicWall identifies almost 500 new previously unknown malicious files each day

See the SonicWall live attack map here.


Solutions from NetThreat  

If you have read the report or even just the highlights, you will want to ensure your current network security arrangements are correct, maintained and updated. Our solution packages deliver a cost-effective way of maintaining your security while you get on with your ‘proper job’!

With experience going back to the first generation of SonicWall with CSSA Advanced and Certified SonicWall Trainers in our team, we can ensure you do not become a 2019 report statistic.

Price points start from just £150 plus VAT and we can help with:

  • System HealthChecks
  • DPI/SSL Deployments 
  • Secure Upgrade Deployments 

Our skilled engineers can also assist in any area of consultancy, support, management and maintenance of your device.

Please ask us for more details, email or call us on 0845 270 7744.


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