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Wireless networks provide flexibility at your office, boosting productivity for employees, onsite partners, contractors and guests. Now an integral part of networking infrastructure, its security has to be on par with that of wired networks.

We recently held an informative webinar on this very topic, featuring the latest wireless developments from the US and including a demonstration of the super-fast SonicWave solution.


DPI security - single device

SonicWave provides the complete security and protection of a wired network.

SonicWave Wireless Webinar



Enabling you to extend your business network without jeopardising integrity and combining a wireless access controller with Deep Packet Inspection technology on a single device. 

IT administrators can achieve lower costs of ownership and higher returns on investment. 



Superior user experience

- 802.11ac Wave 2

- 4x4 MU-MIMO

- 2.5 GbE port

- Band steering

- Beamforming

- AirTime Fairness

- Access point dynamic VLANs



Comprehensive threat prevention

- Deep packet inspection technology

- SSL/TLS decryption and inspection

- Dedicated third scanning radio

- Virtual access point segmentation

- Wireless intrusion detection and prevention


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