Generation 6 - Limited Retirement Mode Announcement

30/04/24 10:59:00

Generation 6 firewall devices will reach Limited Retirement Mode on 20 April 2024.  From this date SonicWall will no longer develop or release firmware updates or new features for Gen 6 devices. 

20 April 2024 is the last date to purchase a 2 Year subscription service to ensure your device remains eligible for support until the End of Support (End of Life) date of 16 April 2026.

You can also beat the increasing cost of annual license fees by switching to affordable monthly billing at renewal.  Commit to 3 months and then enjoy the benefits of a rolling contract whilst maximising the lifespan of your device.

Which devices are included?

The generation 6 devices reaching LRM this month are; SOHO 250w, TZ600p, TZ600, TZ500w, TZ500, TZ400w, TZ400, TZ350w, TZ350, TZ300p, NSA9650, NSA9450, NSA9250, NSA6650, NSA5650, NSA4650, NSA3650, NSA2650

Learn more about SonicWall firewall lifecycles here

Upgrade to Gen 7 Now

We recommend upgrading to the latest Gen 7 appliances, talk to us about SonicWall's Secure Upgrade Customer Loyalty Program.

Want to upgrade but concerned about upfront costs?
You can now reduce or avoid the cost of new hardware and licensing by switching to one of our monthly firewall packages:

NetThreat Monthly: No upfront costs, lowest total cost of ownership. More Info
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